Whether Christmas for you will be here in Sheffield or back home with your folks, you’ll be wanting to wind down from uni stress, catch up with old mates and get into the full festive swing.
Here’s how you can enjoy the Christmas craic without leaving a reindeer-sized hole in your wallet.
Set a boozy budget
Okay, we wouldn’t be the Money Skills team if we didn’t drop the b-bomb, so let’s get it out there first thing.  Sorry but it really IS a good idea to set a limit on how much you’ve got to spend on partying over Christmas.  Divide this up between the nights out you’ve got planned (with a contingency for spontaneous celebrations) and then crucially, STICK to it.
Have a pre-party drink
If you’re going out drinking it makes sense to start your night at home, but this only works if it cuts the number of drinks you buy when you’re out out.  A drink at home can be loads cheaper than in a bar.  Pre-loading is okay, but don’t overload – it goes without saying that you should always drink responsibly!

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Carb up before you go out
We’ve all succumbed to the drunken munchies at the end of a night out, and these late night kebabs can hurt your wallet as much as your gut!  Before you hit the town, eat a carb-filled “proper” meal; you’re less likely to crave an “improper” one later on.
…or have it ready for when you get back
Have something prepared and ready to eat for when you get back or raid your mum’s fridge – anything to stop you reaching for the deadly takeaway menu! Or the chip pan!
Rounds waste pounds
Don’t get dragged into buying full rounds of drinks, especially if there’s a lot of you.  Rounds rarely work out fairly, and you’re often forced into buying (and drinking) far more than you planned.  And don’t forget, you don’t have a party budget like P.Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Puffy, Love a.k.a. Brother Love, do you?

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Ditch the credit cards
Alcohol and plastic don’t mix!  Taking your debit or credit card out on a big night out is never a good idea – it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending.  Think about taking a prepaid card with you, topped up with your spending money.  Handily, they tend to come with an app, helping you to keep track of your spend throughout the night.
Stay in
If you don’t have the dollar, just don’t go out – simple as that!  Bah humbug!

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