It’s December which means it’s basically Christmas. There’s no escaping now, the trees are going up, the decorations hung and somewhere Santa is prepping the reindeer. That’s right, Santa is real and don’t you tell me any different.
In the final lead up, we have some thrifty tips to make sure you don’t get snowed under financially for Christmas.
1) Agree with friends to ban unnecessary Christmas presents
At this time of year, it’s not just you who’s skint. Chances are your mates are feeling the pinch too. So if you and your friends usually buy each other presents, consider making a pact for a present free Christmas. If you’re like me and your friends never give you presents anyway, maybe stop trying to buy their love, it’s never going to happen OKAY.

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2) Listen to other people
To help with Crimbo preparation, the Special Occasions board on the Money Saving Expert site is full of top tips to cut the festive season’s cost. MoneySavers post bargain prezzies and decorations, and share suggestions on having a more affordable Christmas. And listen if someone tells you they don’t want a present – sometimes it isn’t code – so save your money.
3) Sort Xmas post early
If using Royal Mail, ensure you send parcels and letters before the last posting date. The cut-off depends on where and how you send your post. So check those dates! No wants their Christmas card in January.
4) Book train tickets in advance
Rail operators generally launch tickets from 12 weeks before the date of travel, so if you want to buy cheap tickets for Christmas, check prices then, as they vanish quickly.
But never assume you’ve missed the boat (or rather train). Always check if cheap advance tickets are still available before travelling – many firms now let you buy them on the day. See how to book early, late.
5) Make your own decorations
There’s no need to be fancy at Christmas. Save yourself money by making your own crackers or decorations. We’ve all made a paper chain or snowflake in our time, and the internet has loads of suggestions for doing it yourself. Dec your own halls – it’ll be fun.

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For more tips visit the Money Saving Expert website where some of these suggestions came from.
In the spirit of being thrifty, we’re running an event on the 7th of December where you can make some decorations and cards, and even win some prizes, so we hope to see you there!