Students and Money

Students and Money

This year’s National Student Money Survey was answered by more than 2,300 university students.

The findings are really interesting and a testament to you as students persevering through all the odds.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by unfair stereotypes about students, these stats are for you. But don’t just read them, use them to motivate you to get your finances in order.

How can we help?Students and Mone

We offer Money Skills support across three core areas: budgeting, increasing income, and reducing spending. The aim is to help you enjoy university free of worrying how you will afford your next food shop.

Our suggested first step is to complete the Money Skills Assessment tool on UniHub. This is a brief series of questions which will help you assess your current skills and will generate an email directly to you with some suggested next steps! Make sure you click submit at the end.

Alternatively, you can attend one of our workshops directly, just search “Money Skills” on UniHub, or click here.

Students and Money: An infographic by the team at Save the Student.