Survey on mental health literacy and help-seeking behaviours

On behalf of a Sheffield Hallam University Undergraduate student:

My name’s Hollie and I’m a third year student at Sheffield Hallam University. For my dissertation I’m investigating if there is a relationship between mental health literacy and help seeking behaviours in undergraduate students throughout the UK. Ideally I would like to gather data from all universities in the UK but seen as this is an undergraduate project I don’t have the resources or time.

I’m asking for help from academics and researchers, to help distribute my questionnaire. As mentioned previously, universities should be leading the conversation on mental health as they have such a large opportunity to influence and educate and as a student myself, I’d also like to help. By asking your students to take part in my research it will help them gain a greater understanding of their own mental health literacy and help seeing behaviours.

Below I have included the questionnaire link and QR code. If anyone has any questions, please free to contact me via email:

Email link:

QR code: