Join the Class of 2020, get paid for giving us your opinion, and get paid £100 to make a real difference!

What is Class of 2020

It involves playing an active part in student-driven research at this University over a period of time so that the findings will increase understanding of the Hallam student experience This will help us understand how to help students stay at University and be more successful in their studies.

What’s involved?

In the first instance, we would like you to play an active part in:

    • Four paid 1 hour-long focus groups (plus 30 minutes for lunch if you want it) in March, April, May, June 2018, plus one additional meeting around October to evaluate how we are doing. These will be held on Wednesday lunchtimes and you can attend in person or online
    • Meeting us again, in principle, in the next academic year for 4-5 more paid focus groups so that you can continue to tell us about your experience at Hallam and how we can improve it
    • Reading a small amount of information before these meetings: this will be limited to one double sided A4 document at the very most.

What we need

We are looking to recruit students who can draw on both their experience and expectations to help us consider:

      • Transition into and throughout your course
      • Identifying ‘pressure points’ in your course and what we can do to minimise the impact of them
      • Why developing a sense of identity might be important to you and what we can do to help this process for all of our students
      • How far we can help you gain a sense of the importance of your contribution to making real improvements in the University?
      • What you think would work if the University invested more resources in good ideas you’ve identified, in order to make these happen at bigger scale.

Benefits for you

You will have the opportunity to:

      • Be paid £100 up front for attending the 4 sessions and one evaluation meeting in each academic year, plus free lunches will be provided for those attending in person
      • Gain access to a range of additional opportunities linked to your own academic development and interests such as one-to-one or group tuition concerning research design, effective data collection, improving your critical thinking processes, etc. You can choose from our menu!
      • Influence key decision-makers in the University to make really beneficial changes for your student experience; indeed, you will become one of the decision-makers through your involvement

If interested

Please contact us directly at by no later than Tuesday 13 March after which we will confirm what happens next and what you can do if you change your mind. If you want to talk to someone directly about the project, please telephone Louise on 0114 225 3742 or send your questions to