Development Event: Using Module Evaluation Predictively

Development Event: Using Module Evaluation Predictively
15 November 2016 – 12:30 to 14:30 in Aspect Court-15204

Module Eval Workshop 1kFollowing on from the successful Not Just Numbers event held in July 2016, the Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research (STEER) directorate is launching the first of our programme of development events for this academic year.  All are aimed at meeting your needs for evidence-informed practice.

Using module evaluation predictively considers how you can use results at modular level to drive course improvement.   It is a 2 hour workshop that examines available reporting tools for module evaluation purposes and how you can use some emergent trends predictively.

Participants will gain an enhanced understanding of how evaluation at modular level can assist course improvement and planning.  Find out if there are any obvious aspects from module evaluations that can be used as signifiers of success at course level or as early warning signals that might require timely intervention.

Read the full list of workshops and go to our Eventbrite page to book a place.  If you wish to discuss anything further related to this workshop, please email us at:

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