Psychology, Sociology and Politics


International Qualitative Health Research conference and the Association for child and adolescent mental health


Research in community engagement with alcohol and new staff introductions



Social Policy Association awards for excellence in scholarship, Public Health England contract, environmental agency contract and British HIV Association funding




SHU doping research featured by the BBC and an article was published reviewing the UK Civil Society Strategy




Book launch, educational video created and a paper on domestic violence was published




The British Psychological Society’s annual conference and BBC young dancer 2019



Gleadless- Brexit on the valley, MA in International Relations and Global Crises, social isolation in cine science, Public Health England advisory group, PGR Mental health and well being catalyst programme evaluation advisory group and the international investigative interviewing research group



A letter talking about ‘Health and Habit’ was published, innovations in traumatic brain injury research and new Erasmus + Sport project


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