Are you getting your travel sorted?

We’ve had a couple of queries on Twitter today about start and end times for #SocMedHE15 on the 18th December, so here’s a bit more information:

**Updated 9.11.15 note the start time has been amended**

Start time 9.30 9.10 but aim for 9 or before.
Registration will be open from 8am and there will be refreshments from 8.30. Our reception point will be manned for the whole day.
There will be a secure cloakroom opposite conference reception for you to leave coats and bags etc – we’re planning on there being plenty of moving around, so aim for unencumbered if possible..

The keynote will start at 9.10 prompt, we realised that in order to cram everything in we needed to start a little earlier.

End time: 4pm Prompt!
We’re acutely aware that it’s Friday the 18th December, and therefore everybody (including us) will be wanting to beat the traffic and get home, or if they’re like Eric Stoller – will be hotfooting it to the nearest cinema for Star Wars. So sessions will run right up to 4 – we encourage you to stay for the whole thing, there won’t be a traditional plenary – but we will find a way of doing a useful (and fun) wrap-up afterwards. We’ll let you know as ideas progress.

The conference is incredibly close to both the train and the bus stations – it takes literally 3 minutes to walk there, but you will want to allow at least another 5 to navigate yourself to your platform. More information about location & getting here 

Courtesy of Thomas's Pics on Flickr

Hometime -Courtesy of Thomas’s Pics on Flickr