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March 2, 2015
by Julie Smith

Wellbeing update – March 2015

This month we’re bringing you a round up of a few events you might be interested in, courtesy of the British Heart Foundation.

No Smoking Day – 11 March 2015

The British Heart Foundation are urging workplaces to help staff give up smoking on No Smoking Day this 11th March.  They can provide you with everything you need to create an engaging and inspiring event to help promote your work and support the campaign.

Visit to register for your free campaign pack and order your resources at the No Smoking Day Shop.

Girl at desk eating chocolate

Join the DECHOX this March

This March, the British Heart Foundation want to help you and your staff to DECHOX.  Take on the challenge to give up chocolate for March and help raise money for lifesaving heart research.

Sign up for DECHOX and receive your fundraising pack.

National Salt Awareness Week:  16 – 22 March

How much salt is too much?  Find out on the British Heart Foundation’s website and download the booklet on how to cut down on salt intake.

If you have any events or ideas you’d like to promote through our monthly Wellbeing update, please email ! SLS Directorate Office


February 2, 2015
by Julie Smith

Time to talk… Time to change…

Time to Change is England’s biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.

Thursday 5 February 2015 is Time to Talk Day  where the nation is being asked to take 5 minutes to have a conversation about mental health.

You don’t have to be an expert to get involved – it’s the little things that make a big difference.

February 2, 2015
by Julie Smith

Friday 6 February – wear it, beat it!


More than 20,000 people have already signed up and will be turning the nation red on 6 February by hosting an event to help fund the British Heart Foundation’s  life-saving research.

Find out how you can get involved on the British Heart Foundation website.


February 2, 2015
by Julie Smith

Your feedback from Winter Wellbeing – December 2014

winter1Thanks to everyone who responded to the Winter Wellbeing survey.  The results have now been collated and analysed.

The majority of respondents* (63% overall) gave positive feedback to the December Wellbeing week

*49 employees – 40 from SLS and 9 from Corporate Affairs replied.

146 staff participated in at least one activity.

Of those who responded to the survey 33 (67%) people were able to participate, with 16 (33%) stating they were unable to get involved.  ‘Too busy with work’ continued to be the main reason for staff being unable to take part in the three Wellbeing weeks offered during 2014.

To see the full report click here: Staff feedback wellbeing week Dec v June 2014

If you have any questions, please contact ! SLS Directorate Office 


December 5, 2014
by Julie Smith

Friday 5th December – ‘Give’

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  ~ Charles Dickens


Do something nice for a friend, or a stranger. Thank someone. Smile. Volunteer your time. Join a community group. Look out, as well as in.  Seeing yourself, and your happiness, linked to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding and creates connections with the people around you.

Volunteering is a good place to start ‘giving’  – it doesn’t cost anything, other than your time, and you can give as much or as little as you can afford.    The community you are giving your time to obviously benefits directly, but there can also be surprising benefits  for the volunteers themselves.

Sheffield Volunteering has a huge range of fun and exciting projects you can get involved in. From kids activities, working with the elderly and the homeless to conservation, sports and everything in between! You’ll find one-off & flexible as well as longer term options – all to fit in with your spare time.

The Sports Volunteering programme is specifically aimed at the sporting minded.  You can volunteer in coaching, events organisation, assisting coaches and sports administration.

You could volunteer with Hallam Union, alongside our staff and students, making a difference in the community through a variety of enjoyable community projects in and around Sheffield.

Sheffield Freegive Group connects people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns.  Their goal is to keep usable items out of the landfills and, at the same time, you can help someone in your community by gifting them the item you no longer need.

This year saw Free Cakes for kids in Sheffield celebrating baking their 50th birthday cake! If you’d like to get involved, they’re looking for volunteers who can help with the non-baking side of Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield. So, if baking isn’t where your skills lie, you can still help!

And last but not least, why not give something amazing this Christmas?   The festive season is traditionally a time where blood donations drop.  Donated blood is a lifeline for many people needing long-term treatments and is not just used in emergencies.   Over 25% of us will require blood at least once in our lifetime, however only 4% of adults are currently donors!   Sheffield has its own Donor Centre (open 5 days a week) or you can find and book a session online which is near to you.




December 4, 2014
by Julie Smith

Thursday 4th December 2014 – Connect

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”  –  Ernest Hemingway


With the people around you.  With family,  friends, colleagues and neighbours.  At home, work, school or in your local community. Think of these as the cornerstones of your life and invest time in developing them. Building these connections will support and enrich you every day.

Together we’re stronger.   Having a network of social connections or high levels of social support has been shown to increase our immunity to infection, lower our risk of heart disease and reduce mental decline as we get older.  Not having close personal ties has been shown to pose significant risks for our health – read more….

Belonging to a group or community gives us a sense of identity. It helps us understand who we are and feel part of something larger than ourselves.   Help Yourself is an online directory of voluntary, community, faith and health & social care organisations in Sheffield, covering all interests and is an excellent source of local information.

What’s happening outside SLS to help you ‘connect’…

  • Good Day at Work is a FREE, online community where individuals, professionals and experts can connect and be inspired by well-being. Their ambition is for Good Day at Work to be the number one place to go for well-being, helping you to feel confident, motivated and ambitious when it comes to taking your next well-being steps – with the aim of making it a part of everyday working life, for everyone.
  • Why not get out and about and connect with Sheffield!  Here are the top 10 things to see in Sheffield as recommended by Welcome Sheffield  – how many have you visited recently?
  • Christmas can be a lonely time of the year for some – why not connect with your neighbours.  You could join the Neighbours Can Help group to volunteer some time to help neighbours in need.

December 3, 2014
by Joanne Headley

Wednesday – Be active

Be active  – exercise, dance, play, move your mood!

Go for a walk or run, cycle, play a game or dance! Discover a physical activity you enjoy and that suits your level of mobility and fitness.

Be Active









Did you know…

There is a close relationship between physical health and mental health. Keeping fit can improve our mental wellbeing too. Go for a walk or run. Cycle. Play a game. Do some gardening. Dance. Exercise makes you feel good. So discover a physical activity that you enjoy, one that suits your level of mobility and fitness.  


Here are a few suggestions on ways to ‘Be active’


December 2, 2014
by Joanne Headley

Free fitness classes or sports sessions

Sheffield Hallam Active have given us some free vouchers for you to enjoy.

You can pick from any of the social sport sessions such as – basketball, badminton, boxing, netball, tennis plus more.  Or you can choose a fitness class – spin, kettlercise, Hiit Fit, abtastic, circuits plus more.




How do I get my free session?

  1. Go to to see the full lists of sports and fitness classes and choose which one you want to attend.
  2. email the SLS Directorate Office or ring us on ext 3727 for your free voucher.
  3. Then just ring Hallam Active on ext 2449 on the day of your chosen class to book (subject to availability).

December 2, 2014
by Julie Smith

Tuesday – Take Notice

Today our theme is Take Notice

Be curious, notice the changing seasons, savour the moment, whether you are walking to work, eating lunch or talking to friends. Reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters to you

Take Notice

Did you know…  Learning to be more mindful and aware can do wonders for our well-being in all areas of life – like our walk to work, the way we eat or our relationships. It helps us get in tune with our feelings and stops us dwelling on the past or worrying about the future – so we get more out of the day-to-day.

Here are a few suggestions on ways to ‘Take Notice’

You can’t have failed to ‘take notice’ of Christmas arriving in 23 days!
We’ve been asked to highlight a few Christmas activities –

  • FD are holding a Christmas Festival in Hallam Hall 11am – 4pm 4-5 December
  • Sheffield Christmas Markets Fargate 14 Nov – 24 Dec
  • Handmade for Christmas at the Millennium Gallery
  • Christmas Craft Fair – Saturday 6 Dec 11-15.00  St Thomas’ Church, Cross Bedford Street, S6 3BL


December 1, 2014
by Joanne Headley

Christmas Craft Fair – 6 December

Saturday 6 December 11.00 -3.00

St Thomas’ Church, Philadelphia Campus, Teaching Hall, Cross Bedford Street, S6 3BL.

Stall Hire Proceeds to S6 Foodbank.

S6 foodbank christmas fayre