Workshop topics

See below for a summary of the workshops and writing forums that we offer, and use the workshops and forums schedules to see which workshops are coming up in the next couple of weeks, or view events by topic. You can also contact us to request a workshop on a specific theme if you don’t see it in the calendar.

Workshop Title Summary
Exam and Revision Strategy Develop effective revision strategies and prepare for a range of different exam question formats.
Introduction to
Academic Writing
Learn about voice, style and the conventions (the rules) of academic writing.
Planning and Structuring Assignments Learn the fundamentals/basics of planning and structuring assignments
Time management and planning Is your workload feeling out of control? This session will help you manage your studies, and show you how to plan and organise your time effectively.
Being Critical What is critical thinking and how does it translate into our academic writing? This session introduces students to the key aspects of being critical and how to develop descriptive writing into critical essays.
Advanced Critical Writing: Analysis and Evaluation Struggling to translate your critical mindset into academic writing? This workshop focuses on the building blocks of critical writing: effective paragraph structure, analysing and framing evidence, and the key aspects of evaluation.
Literature Reviews A practical guide to researching, planning and writing your literature review.
Making the Most
of Lectures
Develop an understanding of how to make the most of your lectures, and learn strategies to improve your notetaking skills.
Effective Reading Not sure where to start with that stack of journal articles? This workshop covers practical strategies and hands-on practice for evaluating sources, taking effective notes while reading, and integrating evidence into your writing.
Learning styles: A personal approach Develop an understanding of yourself as a learner. Learn how to work to your strengths, developing strategies to succeed in your study.
Planning your Research Project To introduce participants to the essential stages in planning research, including research questions, methodologies and ethics. This can help you to refine your research question and begin to plan your project.
Writing up your Research Project A step-by-step guide to writing up a dissertation or extended project, including structuring the dissertation or research report, clarifying the content of key sections, and managing the writing process.
Reflective Writing An introduction to the key principles of reflective writing and how to develop a reflective mindset at university.
Critiquing Journal Articles Journal articles are crucial to independent research at university, but can often be difficult to decipher. This hands-on workshop covers effective strategies and practical tips for reading and deconstructing journal articles.
Editing and Proofreading Learn how to identify common mistakes and develop strategies to improve accuracy in your writing. Learn about tools to help with editing and proofreading.
Presentation Skills Presentations can be daunting and many people suffer from nerves when speaking in front of audience. This workshop will help you learn how to plan, structure and present presentations with confidence.
Getting started with APA referencing workshop This bite-size workshop (30 minutes) will help you get started with APA referencing. Session includes interactive activities to let you practise your referencing and a chance to ask any questions you have about APA.
Getting started with ProQuest Refworks Workshop Learn how to use ProQuest RefWorks software to create citations and reference lists.This includes importing references from databases and using Write-n-Cite in Word to construct your reference list. An optional hands-on exploration of the software will follow a demonstration of how to use RefWorks.


Writing Forums

Forum Title Summary
Writing Forum Want to apply academic skills to your own work with an advisor? In this small group of up to four students you will be able to share and discuss your work and develop new strategies.
Assignment Planning Forum Not sure how to get moving with your assignment? You can share and discuss the assignment criteria with up to four students and a learning adviser and develop strategies for planning assignments.

The Assistive Technology Service also run workshops on using tools to support your study including text-to-speech and mind mapping software.