New podcasting project

During the 2019/2020 academic year, the Skills centre will be producing a series of podcasts available to all students, featuring a wide variety of academic skill-based content, including:

  • Writing styles
  • Essay structuring
  • Referencing
  • Revision tips/strategies
  • Presentation skills
  • Effective group-work strategies

The theme for podcast No.1 will focus on writing your first assignment at university. We aim to release this podcast by the end of October, giving students sufficient time to digest the material ahead of their first deadline. Subsequent podcasts will be released every 2-3 weeks during the academic calendar.

Podcasts offer a flexible opportunity to deliver our content, especially to those who otherwise, may struggle to access our existing provisions. We hope to create a platform where students can listen to a range of different academic skills podcasts within the conveniences of their personal life. In doing so, podcasting has the potential to benefit a broad demographic of students, delivering material to support academic studies and engagement in university life.

To provide students with relatable and engaging content, we are currently looking to gather as much feedback as possible with regards to podcast structure, content, and delivery. Therefore, we would massively appreciate if you would take two minutes to fill out our podcast survey, which can be found here. With your feedback, content for each podcast can be tailored to meet the needs of its audience.

Additionally, if you are keen to get involved with podcast production and recording, then please contact either Ben Anderson or Kirsty Hemsworth in the Library Skills team.