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Transferring recordings to the computer

Saved recordings can be transferred from your phone or tablet to a computer, for use with the editing software Audio Notetaker. In order to transfer to a computer, the recording will first need to be saved to cloud storage. At SHU we recommend using Microsoft OneDrive, as this is linked to your SHU login. Make sure you download and install the app before proceeding.

Onedrive in the App Store (iOS)

Setting up OneDrive

1. With the Onedrive app open, go to Sign in and enter your login details in the format of

SHU login page

2. You will be taken to a SHU login screen, just enter your SHU password and click Sign in.

3. This will then take you into OneDrive where you can view files that have been saved.

Send the File to your Onedrive

4. Go to the Sonocent Link app and the screen that lists all recordings, which will look like this. Click on the down arrow to the right of the recording you want to save to OneDrive (click on the image to zoom in).

5. This will show the following screen, where you can share the recording.

6. Tap Share Recording, find ‘Copy to Onedrive’ in the sharing menu and tap it.

7. Now confirm that you want to upload the file.

8. In OneDrive you can now choose a folder to store the recording to. In this example, we have selected the folder labelled Documents. When you are in the desired folder, tap the tick towards the top right to proceed with transferring the file to OneDrive.

9. You can now access this file on any computer when you access OneDrive.

Finding your OneDrive on a SHU PC

10. Log on to any SHU Windows PC and open the File Explorer by clicking this icon.

Windows 10 Explorer icon

11. To the left of the File Explorer window, you will see a list of areas you can access, one of these being your SHU OneDrive account. Click OneDrive on the list.

Windows 10 Onedrive folder

12. In the OneDrive folder you will see any sub-folders you have created along with files saved. The recording can be accessed here and transferred into Audio Notetaker.

Importing your File into Audio Notetaker

13. Open Audio Notetaker by going to AppsAnywhere and typing Audio Notetaker into the Search Apps field.

Apps Anywhere icon

14. You will see the Audio Notetaker 5 box appear. Hover over this and click Launch.

Audio Notetaker icon in Appsanywhere

Audio Notetaker launch button in Appsanywhere

15. After a short period of time, the Audio Notetaker home screen will appear (click on the image to zoom in).

Audio Notetaker start screen

16. Click the Open Project tab to the left-hand side of the screen, followed by clicking Open a Project.

17. In the file explorer window, browse to the OneDrive folder and locate the recording you wish to import. Select this and click Open.

Audio Notetaker open project button


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