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Syncing your Audio and Slides

Synchronise your recordings with slides and notes

Now that your recording is in Audio Notetaker, you can add slides and text notes.

Syncing your Audio and Slides

1. Your screen should look something like this, with Audio Notetaker displaying your imported audio as chunks of colour (blue unless highlighting has been used).

Audio Notetaker desktop view

2. Make sure that you have saved a copy of the slides you want to add to your computer first, and then click on the Import button and select Import Slides.

3. Browse to where the slides are saved and click Open.

4. You should now be presented with a screen similar to this, with slides matching the recording.

5. If these do not match it is likely because you missed an index mark during the recording process. However these can be added in.

Adding Section Breaks

6. In Audio Notetaker index marks are referred to as Section Breaks. Just click in the Audio panel where you need to add a section break, and click on the Section button.

7. You will see that the audio chunks directly after where you clicked will be moved down into a new row or section. If you had already imported the slides, these will move too, however they can be rearranged by drag-and-drop or re-importing the slideshow.

Adding Metadata

8. Prior to saving the document, you can add metadata to the file for easy reference when reviewing your recordings. Click on the title area to the top right of the screen, where you can change the Title, Topic, Speaker and date of recording.


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