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Get the App

To enable your device to record, you must firstly download the Sonocent Link app from either the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Sonocent link app in the Apple App Store (on iPhone)

NB: This tutorial shows you how to use Audio Notetaker on the iPhone

1. In a web browser, go to this page – and enter your student email account.
Audio Notetaker activation web page

2. You will now receive a 4-digit pin number and instructions on how to get the app via your student email.

3. In the app store on your phone or tablet, search for Sonocent Link and then click install.

4. When you open the app, you will see this screen. Enter your SHU email address and the pin number you were given. Once the pin is linked, you will see some introductory screens that you can swipe through. Click OK to start using the app.

Sonocent Link login screen

5. You will be taken to a screen where you can begin a recording by clicking the green record button.

Sonocent Link App - Record button at top of screen

Active Notetaking

6. A recording will start and you will see a screen like this:

Recording screen in Sonocent Link (phone app)

A. This shows you the current recording broken up into chunks of audio.

B. You can tap this icon to insert a section break, which act like bookmarks. These are best inserted when the lecture moves to the next slide.

C. This is a list of options for colour coding your audio chunks, you can turn these on and off by tapping the desired colour. The audio chunks at point A will then change to match.

D. Here you can type in your own notes.

E. These will colour code the sections, again turn them on and off by tapping.

Complete and Save your Recording

7. When you are finished and want to save the recording, tap the ‘stop’ button at the bottom of the screen, then click ‘close’ in the top-left corner. You can then fill in the Title, Topic and Speaker fields.

Sonocent Link stop button

Recording details screen

8. When you next open the app, you will see this file available for playback (and any other recordings you’ve made).

Audio Notetaker recordings screen


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