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Record and Practice Presentations
Setting it Up

1. On the Home screen in Audio Notetaker, on the New Project tab, select Recording from speakers only.

Audio Notetaker blank project button

2. In the new project window, click on the drop down arrow below the record button. In the menu that appears, select Microphone Only as the recording mode.

Record button

Recording dropdown with 'microphone only' selected

3. Now we need to set up the software so it is ready to record the presentation. Click on the Tools menu button, and select Presentation Capture.

Audio Notetaker Presentation Capture

4. A window will now appear. Select Capture slides from PowerPoint and click the Start button.
Practice your Presentation

Audio Notetaker presentation capture method dialog

5. Audio Notetaker will display a new window which says ‘waiting for a PowerPoint slideshow to begin’. Open the slideshow, and when you are ready to begin recording, click the begin slideshow button in PowerPoint. Now present!

6. Once you have completed your presentation, go back to Audio Notetaker and click Finish.

Listen Back and Edit

6. You will see the slides in the Images pane and the audio next to each slide. You can now play back the audio and listen to what you delivered. This will enable you to practice and rehearse what to say.

7. Additional recording parts can be added if you wish to make changes to the original recording. Set Recording to Microphone only, and click where you want to add audio then press Record.

8. You can select blue chunks and delete them if you wish to remove parts of the recording.


9. Towards the bottom right of Audio Notetaker you will see a timer showing the current time at the cursor along with the total time of recording. You can refer to this to get the presentation to run below any time limit that has been imposed.

Audio Notetaker timing panel


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