Trish Elwis

Name: Trish Elwis


What do you do at the university?

I work in the Equality and Diversity Team and we’re responsible for equality, diversity and inclusion for both staff and students.


What have you worked on within Signal?

Supporting staff networks allows me to get involved in a lot of events. Two events I really enjoyed helping out with this summer were Sheffield Pinknic and Pride Sheffield. SIGNAL members and volunteers from across SHU helped us have a strong presence at both events.

I work with the network on a number of policy working groups. They are very active in the development of SHU’s first ever Trans policy for students. SIGNAL is also very involved in our Stonewall Workplace Index submissions.


How has being a member of Signal benefited you?

I suppose you could say I’m an honorary SIGNAL member as I’m involved with the network as part of my role. I recently attended a Stonewall Allies Programme and I found it very empowering. I’m now looking at ways I can be a visible ally that are in addition to my usual support.

Supporting the network gives me opportunities to work with a fantastic bunch of people who are also brilliant role models. I really value their experience, knowledge and expertise as it is helping us make SHU a genuinely inclusive environment to work and study.


Other hobbies

I love travelling and would do more of it if I had more time and more money. My plan for 2017 is an American road trip. I have recently become more interested in gardening and I am taking baby steps in gaining gardening skills with the help of a very patient work colleague and her mum. I’ve also started learning Spanish online.