Liz Anyon

Elizabeth Anyon (Liz)


What do you do at the university?
I’m an Admissions Officer. I currently work in the Direct Admissions Team assessing applications for post graduate study. Due to a restructure, I will soon be working in the ‘Home’ team assessing both postgraduate and undergraduate applications.


What have you worked on within Signal?
I’ve been meaning to join for years but only recently managed it. Unfortunately I chose the busiest time of year for admissions so I haven’t been able to attend any meetings yet. I hope to get a lot more involved if possible, and of course attend more meetings!


How has being a member of Signal benefited you?
I came out as bisexual when I was 18 (which is a fair few years ago now), and I am used to networking and being open in the community. I currently run an LGBT+ group and have just started volunteering with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue in an LGBT role, but to an extent I have been less vocal about who I am whilst at work. Knowing Signal exists and seeing the involvement everyone has is reassuring – it’s nice to feel like there’s support from colleagues and the university as a whole.


Other hobbies:
I like films, reading, singing, sports, dancing, all sorts really.