Linda Wilson

Name: Linda Wilson


What do you do at the university?

I work in the Careers and Employability service, helping students to plan and achieve their next steps after University.


What have you worked on within Signal?

As chair of SIGNAL I have helped to bring the group “out” into the open a lot more, making it more visible to staff who work here, but also to people who might consider coming here to work or study.

We want to show that Sheffield Hallam is an inclusive institution that recognises and values its diverse workforce. SIGNAL, as the name suggests sends a message that we would like every LGBT person working here to feel able to be their authentic self. There is still a need for LGBT groups, as we still face prejudice and ignorance from certain sections of society. We are currently involved in contributing to the formation of a new policy to support Trans students.

We celebrate and raise awareness of key dates in the LGBT calendar; we go the Sheffield Pinknic and Sheffield Pride every year to tell people about our group, meet new people and to be part of the wider Sheffield LGBT community.


How has being a member of Signal benefited you?

I am out at work and feel very accepted for who I am. However, this may not be the case for everyone. Being part of SIGNAL helps me to feel that I am helping to send a clear message of support and recognition to students and staff, their relatives and friends that it’s ok to be gay at Sheffield Hallam.


Other Hobbies

Things I love: singing in Sheffield’s LGBT choir “Out Aloud”, sunshine, real ale, football, (I won’t say which team, but it starts with man and ends with united), art galleries, good food shared with friends, other people’s dry humour, and top of the list … my dog Maisie.

Things I would love to be able to do include speaking French properly and playing a musical instrument.