David Chegwidden

Name: David Chegwidden


What do you do at the university?

I work as a learning technologist at the university supporting Library and Student Support Services. In this role I work a lot on online resources and how they are presented within the directorate.


What have you worked on within Signal?

The major project I have worked on as part of the group is the Signal website and blog. I have built this site to create a hub for LGBT staff at Hallam. I also worked on regularly attending meetings. These meetings vary on topics from working on policies to organising our presence at big events.


How has being a member of Signal benefited you?

Being part of Signal has given me crucial experience which has helped to me gain my current role. Experiencing work on policies and working on university wide projects gave me another element of experience I wouldn’t have got in my role. This, as well as networking within the group has allowed me to gain wider knowledge of the university as a whole.

I have also gained two mentors through being part of the group, who help me at the university.


Other hobbies

I enjoy doing sports like running and Sailing, although these aren’t exactly nice to do in coldy, hilly Sheffield.