PraticALLY – Allies Event Friday 15th February

Bringing together Allies from across the University this event will showcase their insights and practical tips on being an Ally. Together as Allies we will share our experiences and discuss how we can all support the Allies network. We want to give you confidence and practical tips to set your own goals.


Why come?


  • Learn from an Ally who has been proactive and delivered some effective and engaging activities in their department;
  • Hear from a senior Ally about what being an Ally means to them;
  • Take part in a ‘World Café’ workshop and have your say about being an Ally and take the next step in your Ally journey;
  • The opportunity to listen to a colleague share their personal experience of the workplace and why the Allies network is needed;
  • Have the chance to get some key LGBT+ events and activities in your diary through a SIGNAL! Update.


The event will be in Hallam Hall between 12:30-14:00 on Friday 15th February

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