Trans documentary: The Second Train

As a labour of love (as opposed to a profit making project) a few of us at TellyJuice made a short documentary film following the journey of five transwomen who met during voice coaching at Charing Cross hospital.  Now the film is finished, the participants are all happy to share their stories so that they might support, inspire or educate others.  We feel that their stories are too valuable to be kept under wraps and so we’d love it if you’re able to share the link or show the film at any of your upcoming events or meetings?  They transwomen are aged over 25 but talk about their youth and journeys and I still think would be very relevant for your group.

The film is kept on our website so you can view it here:

Thanks kindly and best wishes

Emma Baxter | Senior Creative & Marketing Manager
TellyJuice Ltd.

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