Staff Diversity Network Groups – Time Off Guidance

Staff Diversity Network Groups

Increasingly, staff networks are important in delivering the university’s Equality and Diversity objectives by providing visible, active promotion of the university’s values and strategic vision. In recognition of this it has been agreed that employees who are members of a university staff diversity network group should be enabled to attend university approved meetings and events, related to these groups, in working time.

These groups include:-


  • SIGNAL (LGBT+ network Group)
  • Race Staff Network
  • SPARK (Staff Disability Network)
  • Genders Network Group
  • Parents & Carers Network Group
  • Allies Network Group


When considering attendance at meetings or events, a manager should consider the effect of the employee’s absence on the service and the impact on students, however every effort should be made to support the request.

Staff should provide advance notice of these commitments.

Employees fulfilling the role of Chair, or other named roles on these university approved staff network groups will be allocated the equivalent of up to one day per month to undertake the duties associated with these roles. If these role holders are academic members of staff the time should be accounted for as part of the work allocation process.

Staff Diversity Network Groups – Time Off

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