South Yorkshire LGBT+ Awards

Sheffield Hallam University are proud to be supporting & sponsoring the South Yorkshire LGBT Awards 2018. The evening recognises and awards individuals, groups and organisations within the LGBT+ community for their hard work, dedication and commitment to activism, campaign for fair and equal rights as well as actively changing the LGBT+ community and landscape within South Yorkshire.

So much hard work across South Yorkshire goes into Equality & Inclusion for the LGBT+ communities.

-Activists making a change
-Charities working with young LGBT+ people
-Organisations creating & supporting inclusive environments
-Groups tirelessly building awareness through local LGBT+ events

All ultimately helping South Yorkshire embrace diversity, be more inclusive & letting everyone live their lives without fear of persecution.

Recognition is also very important and the evening motivates, inspires and makes people feel proud that their work is valued.

All this is why the awards are so important.

So a call to action. Last year we had a number of Sheffield Hallam winners and we want to ensure this happens again with a heightened awareness of the awards to help increase nominations. Please take some time to follow the link below, look at the award categories & nominate.

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