World Aids Day Lecture

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Hidden Perspectives are delighted to invite you to our World Aids Day Lecture on 4 December, 14.00-16.00, Lecture Theatre 8, Arts Tower, Sheffield.

Promoting joy and exorcising guilt: a queers nun’s approach to non-heteronormative shame.


Dan Nield, University of Chester.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a global organisation, describing ourselves as a queer order of 21st Century nuns. We operate in queer (though not exclusively) communities according to our mission statement to “Promulgate universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt” through charity and pastoral work. As a practicing member of the Manchester House since 2016, I will interpret how our mission statement affects me as Dan the researcher and when I manifest as Sister Judy.

To unpack the meaning behind the Sister’s mission I discuss the relationship between guilt and shame. As a self-identifying Christian gay man, I will explore the possibility that guilt derives its power from a feeling of shame. This shame in turn stemming from a tacit cultural acceptance of a heterosexual male god against which morality is measured. Such a construct inevitably leaves queer people falling short of an ideal image of selfhood – providing a basis from which feelings of shame and guilt can grow.

I suggest that the Sisters manifestation and mission as queer nuns opens a crack in the divine closet door, one through which the Queer God can step to provide an alternative, image of selfhood.

Please book your free tickets direct from Eventbrite and we look forward to seeing you on 4 December.

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