LGBT+ Awards celebrate diversity across South Yorkshire

James Laley, member of LGBT Staff Network SIGNAL, recently attended the South Yorkshire LGBT+ awards, held at the Library Theatre on Saturday 15th April, to not only represent Sheffield Hallam University, who had sponsored an award, but to also present the Rising Star award to Sheffield Hallam student Luke Robert Allan.

The South Yorkshire LGBT+ Awards celebrate and congratulate individuals, groups and businesses who have made outstanding contributions to the South Yorkshire LGBT+ community. The reputation of South Yorkshire as a diverse, welcoming and safe destination for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual & Transgender people from around the world continues to grow because of the huge amount of dedication and work from individuals.

There are countless people, venues & organizations who give their time to organize events such as Pride, run support services, perform, entertain, run specialist media services and generally ensure that the community fulfils its potential.

The nominees are voted for by the public and the South Yorkshire LGBT+ Awards 2017 is be the biggest event of its kind in Yorkshire. A huge array of singers, performers & presenters ensured that the entire event was a stylish celebration of the vital work undertaken in South Yorkshire.

This year, with the support of sponsors such as Sheffield Hallam University, the awards were able to have a huge effect and reach more people and media across South Yorkshire than ever before.

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