Macmillan Response

“On behalf of Macmillan I’d like to thank SIGNAL group members for baking (and eating!) lots of cakes and raising £230 as part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. You’re the reason we can keep providing vital services, so no one has to face cancer alone.


Macmillan is also committed to funding new, innovative work around cancer, a part of which is the current focus on LGBT people affected by cancer (you can read Macmillan’s report ‘The Emerging Picture on LGBT People and Cancer’ here). Our latest work in this area brings together the community and health professionals to identify the cancer inequalities faced by LGBT people and look at developing new solutions. You learn more about our LGBT Taskforce, and see footage from our latest event here.”


Lawrence Roberts

Macmillan LGBT Project Worker



No problem Lawrence, we look forward to continuing the support next year!

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