Let’s Go Bake Time! (Lgbt!) – Macmillan “Donate for Cakes” raise £230

SIGNAL group members made delicious homemade cakes to help support Macmillan’s work with LGBT people as part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on September 30th 2016. Thanks to everyone who baked and helped out on the day.

Bake sale

Why is there a need for a specific Macmillan worker for LGBT people/projects?

Between 5-7% of the UK population identifies as Lesbian Gay and Bisexual. Additionally, around 1% of the population does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. With an average of 6% we can estimate that around 324,000 of the people that Macmillan support will be from the LGBT community.

There are a growing community of academics and researchers who have started to look at LGBT people’s risk around certain cancers and also some of the issues that affect LGBT people going through treatment, including communication with healthcare professionals especially around the disclosure of sexual orientation, and problems with sexual health for people living with and beyond cancer. Some reports have highlighted how the LGBT community have higher rates of smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity which are all risk factors linked to many cancer types.

There are more than two million people in the UK alone living with all forms of cancer and it is estimated that 40,000 of these are from LGBT communities. (Source: ‘Improving the Cancer Journey for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans People’ 2015, De Montfort University Leicester)

Last year’s ‘Unhealthy Attitudes’ report by Stonewall concluded that there is a lack of confidence amongst health care professionals when dealing with LGBT patients, suggesting a need for specific education and training. Macmillan Cancer Support recently gathered together the evidence on LGBT people and cancer in their ‘Emerging Picture’ booklet. The picture is still ‘emerging’ due to limited data on sexual orientation or trans status as recorded by primary and secondary care services, something else that urgently needs to change.

You can read more here – interview with Lawrence Robert, Macmillan’s LGBT worker.

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