Staff Development

We are rethinking how we present our staff development and will update the blog with information in the near future.  

Below are links to recordings of previous sessions (nb. you will need headphones/speakers if you wish to listen to the recording):

Introducing Blackboard Collaborate – 1 November 2012 [55mins]. This session gives an overview of what Blackboard Collaborate is, demonstrates some of its key functionality and shares uses of it happening at the institution.

Turnitin for automatic referencing feedback – 25 October 2012 [53mins]. The session looked at different examples of Turnitin Originality Reports, explored best practices for using Turnitin as a formative learning tool to support academic integrity and demonstrated how to set up Turnitin Assignments and access Turnitin Originality Reports.

Blackboard Assignments & Feedback Rubrics – 23 October 2012 [1hr:20mins]. The session demonstrated how Blackboard Assignments and Feedback Rubrics can enable and support efficient and effective assignment management and feedback online.

Blackboard Assignments & Grade Centre – 19 September 2012 [1hr:24mins]. The session demonstrated the variety of functionality available within Blackboard Assignments and the Grade Centre (including Feedback Rubrics and Smart Views) that can enable and support efficient and effective assignment management and feedback online.

Your faculty may also be offering sessions focusing on Technology Enhanced Learning on an ongoing basis, there are also the following options for staff development:

For self-help opportunities such as guides and screencasts, please see the Bb-support tab in shuspace or previouos blog posts on the Home tab.  You can also request 1-to-1 support with a Faculty e-learning adviser through the Bb-support tab in shuspace.

Just starting with e-learning?
If you are new to e-learning, we recommend a 1-to-1 with your Faculty e-learning adviser as an initial introduction to e-learning.  They will help introduce you to some of the possibilities in e-learning relevant to your context and help you get started with using Blackboard.  We also have an e-learning starter pack that they will provide you with in hard-copy (it’s available online as well).  You can submit a request for training in the Bb-support tab in shuspace or contact your faculty e-learning representative directly to arrange the 1-to-1.

Want a session for a specific group of staff?
We have run sessions on a variety of topics around e-learning for groups of staff in the past.  These have been targetted at specific subject groups, groups of course administrators, programme leadership teams and course teams.  We have a list of example sessions, thought we can deliver tailored opportunities to meet any group’s needs.  Please contact your Faculty e-learning contact if you are interested on scheduling something on behalf of your group.