Choosing a screencasting tool

There are a few screencasting tools available to SHU staff. Here is an overview of the tools and a comparison chart to help you choose the right tool for your needs. Pro

For most screencasting needs at home or within the university (SOM) Pro is a good option and is relatively easy to use. SOM Pro lets you capture anything on your screen with a voiceover and can record additional audio played during the screencast recording such as a video.

SOM Pro licences are available for staff (staff login required).

helpEditing a screencast recorded in SOM Pro (Blog post and how-to video)
You can find various SOM Help videos on the SOM website.


Camtasia has many features such as ability to create quizzes and polling and can record additional audio played during the screencast recording. There is also a Camtasia add-in available for PowerPoint.

Camtasia is available on-campus computers and there are some licences available for staff machines that can be requested via

See a selection of Camtasia tutorials on their website.

Comparing the screencasting tools

Feature SOM Free SOM Pro Camtasia
Availability Free to anyone 100 licences available to staff for use on and off campus (find out how to access SOM Pro) Limited availability on-campus (search rooms at SHU)
Time limit 15 mins No* No*
Records system audio (e.g. videos, sound effects) No Yes Yes
Requires installation on computer No – can be used online Yes Yes – some licences available via IT Help
Quiz / Poll No No Yes
Allows editing No Yes Yes
Draw on screen No Yes Yes – during post editing

*Limited only by the available storage space on the computer