Automatic set-up of reassessment submission points and Grade Centre columns

This week we completed the process for automatically setting up submission points and Grade Centre columns in 2017/18 Blackboard module sites for reassessment coursework and reassessment exams.

Modules from the departments of Allied Health Professions, Social Work and Social Care, and Nursing and Midwifery have not been included in this automatic setup process at those departments request. Staff in those departments will need to manually set up any reassessment submission points and Grade Centre columns needed.

Reassessment coursework

For reassessment coursework (including tasks and any subtasks), Blackboard assignment submission points have been created. Please note:

  • Unlike first sit assessments, there was not a data collection exercise to determine the appropriate type of column to create for each reassessment. As a result, Blackboard Assignments have been created for all reassessment coursework tasks and subtasks. Where your students are not submitting online, you may be able to use that column still for returning marks and feedback. However for some tasks (e.g. submissions at the help desk or Blackboard tests), the Blackboard Assignment we created will not be the appropriate tool and you may need to delete it and create something else. Please seek advice from your faculty TEL team for advice and guidance if you are unsure.
  • These submission points have been set up as hidden to students by default. You will need to make them available for any students who are reassessed at an appropriate time.
  • These submission points are set-up in the Reassessment area of your Blackboard module site (to distinguish them from the first attempt submission points). This area is hidden to students by default. You will need to make this area available at the same time as making reassessment submission points available.
  • A prefix of ‘R_’ is added to the reassessment task (or subtask) name. This helps you in identify reassessment tasks (or subtasks) in the Grade Centre. Please do not change the Assignment name in Blackboard as this will mean the Capping Report does not work correctly as it will not match the data in SITS. However if the name is not accurately reflecting the task, please contact your local portfolio team or help desk about adjusting the name in both SITS and Blackboard.
  • For undergraduate reassessments, the due date is set to the standard reassessment date of 19 July 2018. Faculty help desks have provided additional reassessment dates for postgraduate and non-standard modules. Where no reassessment date was set in SITS, we did not create a reassessment submission point and one will need to be created manually.
  • As with first sit coursework submission points, reassessment submission points are set up as individual assignments, will close 49 calendar days after the due date, allow an unlimited number of attempts, have a suffix of ‘_SUBMISSION POINT’, and the associated grade column in the Grade Centre hidden from students.
  • If the nature of the reassessment task means it cannot be submitted online, you can still use the associated grade column created in the Grade Centre to record and return feedback and marks to students.

Reassessment Exams

For all reassessment exams, a grade column called ‘R_Exam’ has been created in the Grade Centre as a space for holding the reassessment mark and any feedback.  As they are created unavailable to students and do not have a due date associated with them they will not appear in the Blackboard Calendar. Students should check the Exam Timetable for up to date information about all exams.

Future Reassessments

Please note that we did not undertake a complete data collection exercise for reassessments this year and we were unable to create reassessments based on a specific item type. We apologise if we made any errors.

If there is an error in the set-up of your reassessments, please contact your local portfolio or Helpdesk teams who can modify the curriculum information data in SITS so the correct set up occurs in future years.

In future years we will be creating reassessments at the same time as first sit coursework assessments and exams in mid-August, based on the data held in SITS.


TEL Help provides a range of articles to guide you in configuring any automatically created assignment submission points and grade columns, assessing online and providing feedback and marks online, or alternatively you can get in touch with a faculty TEL contact for support.

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