Blackboard Upgrade – Changes to Blackboard Collaborate

After the upcoming Blackboard upgrade is complete, there will be improvements around using Blackboard Collaborate inside Blackboard sites.

Currently staff can only have a single session of Collaborate Ultra. After the upgrade, staff will be able to schedule different sessions in their Blackboard site.

Staff and students will also be able to download Collaborate Ultra recordings as MP4 files as well as have access to recordings with the chat aligned to the recording.

There will also be two separate tools available in each Blackboard site, which will allow the use of both Collaborate Classic and Collaborate Ultra sessions. This will allow staff to choose which they wish to use in their Blackboard sites without needing to request a session is set up by IT Help.

Note that DTS is currently investigating issues some staff have had with using Blackboard Collaborate while on our campus networks and hope to improve performance as a result of this investigation.

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