Creating Blackboard sites for the 2017/8 academic year

Starting on 31 May 2017 we will try to automatically set up Blackboard sites for the coming academic year. We expect the process to take about a week.

Module sites
Where a 2017/8 module is indicated as running in SITS (i.e. marked active with a module leader) and had a Blackboard site in 2016/7, we will copy the contents of the Blackboard site. The copied sites will include the content from the 2016/7 site but not the announcements, discussions, assignments or Grade Centre columns.

Where a 2017/8 module is indicated as running in SITS but did not have a Blackboard site in 2016/7, we will create a new Blackboard site from a standard template.

Due to changes in SITS for module codes, 2017/8 Blackboard module sites will now have different codes. If you have previously requested that two module codes are linked to one Blackboard site (where they are taught together but have separate codes), you will need to request the link again after the 2017/8 sites are created. We will explain how to do this once all sites have been copied.

Organisation sites
Organisations sites from 2016/7 will typically be copied forward into a 2017/8 version of the site. However you can check/change the settings of your organisation site by going to your Blackboard Sites channel, and selecting the ‘Manage Settings’ link from the dropdown menu next to the site name. Set it to ‘Copy’ or ‘No Copy’ as required.

We will send another email once the sites have been copied. At that time we will also send out details of support available to help you set up your new sites. If you have any questions about this please email

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