Course and module leaders now automatically enrolled to Blackboard sites

All course and module leaders are now automatically enrolled on Blackboard module sites. This decision was planned following a wide consultation with staff members in spring 2013 about what things should be automated in Blackboard module sites. Having course leaders able to see all Blackboard sites has been brought up repeatedly in university learning and teaching committees over the past few years.

In the event that you are no longer the course or module leader for a particular course or module, you will be unable to unenrol yourself from the Blackboard site manually: the data about who is the course or module leader must be updated. To have this updated, please do the following based on your faculty:

ACES: Follow the instructions on the faculty course and module information pages

D&S: Contact the appropriate helpdesk based on your department

HWB: Follow the instructions on the faculty data quality pages

SBS: Follow the instructions on the faculty portfolio site

After the information has been is updated in SI, the Blackboard site enrolments will be changed automatically to match the new information. If you are no longer the course leader you will be removed from all the module sites and need to be reenrolled on any you teach on. If you are no longer the module leader your role will be changed to instructor and can unenrol yourself at that point with the Staff Enrolment Tool.

We recognise that for some course leaders this will increase the amount of Blackboard sites they have on their list of sites quite significantly, as well as increase the number of emails they receive from Blackboard sites. To help course leaders with this we have created a support page to help you filter those emails and move those sites out of the current sites list if you wish to do this.

We have also made a request with Blackboard, Inc. to include the ability for users to turn off emails/notifications from particular Blackboard sites to help address this in the future.

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