New in Blackboard: Changes to Blackboard Collaborate scheduling

This article is part of a series explaining the new features and changes that will be introduced as part of the Blackboard upgrade scheduled for 11-13 July 2014.

You will notice that the way in which Blackboard Collaborate sessions are created and scheduled looks slightly different and more streamlined. In addition to scheduling a Collaborate session, you have an option to directly launch a session that has been created for that site.

Schedule a Session

collaborate_setdefaultsWhen creating a scheduled session, where previously a series of tabs contained the different setting options they now appear on a single page, with some of the less commonly used options hidden in collapsed sections within the Room Options area of the page. If there are particular options that you used previously and can no longer see, it is likely that these are in one of the collapsed sections (or have to be applied once the session has been created – as discussed later in this article). Simply click on the name of the collapsed area to see further settings. There are also a couple of other changes to note:

  • If you wish to enable an option, you now toggle the ‘Off/On’ button by simply clicking it once
  • The maximum number of simultaneous talkers allowed at the start of the session has been increased to five, and six for web cameras


Once a session has been scheduled you can edit the settings, delete the session, allow guests and see the guest link, or add a session link* to your Blackboard site by hovering over the session name, clicking on the single chevron and choosing the relevant option from the menu that appears.

Default Site Room

collaborate_sitedefaultYou will also notice that a default site room has automatically been created for each Blackboard site. This is essentially available for the duration of that site, and can be accessed by anyone enrolled on the site (provided the link* is available, or they have been provided with the guest link) during that time.

* Please note that we are aware of an error affecting students attempting to access Collaborate sessions by site links. A resolution is being worked on as a matter of urgency. In the meantime share the guest link with all participants to enable them to take part in your session.

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