Learning Objects blogs and wikis to be disabled

In May 2012 we discontinued the ability to add Learning Objects blogs and wikis to Blackboard sites as part of a two year programme to phase them out. The final step of this programme will be to disable them completely on the system on the evening of 24 July when our license expires.

This means that old Blackboard sites (2011/12 or older) which used this type of blog or wiki will contain a link which no longer works and returns an error.  Most of the sites which used this type of blog are from 2010/11 or earlier.

You can identify a Learning Object blog or wiki easily in Blackboard as they have orange icons next to them.

Orange icon representing learning object blogsOrange icon representing learning object wikis

Note that current 2012/13 Blackboard sites should all be using Blackboard blogs and wikis and be unaffected by this change. We expect the impact on the student experience to be minimal, though students may be unable to access some information from past modules they have already completed.

If you wish to keep any information contained in a Learning Object blog or wiki, please export it before the switchoff happens.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact your Faculty e-learning adviser.

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