Case Study: Incorporating videos to support student learning

This case study looks at how incorporating multimedia, and in particular YouTube clips, into lectures and pre-lab activity has improved student learning and academic performance.

The tutor felt that the most recent research and up-to-date developments relating to her subject could be easily sourced and were more accessible to her students via YouTube.  In order to support level 4 students in their pre-lab preparation and her level 6 students in their study, the tutor identified appropriate open educational videos and embedded them into PowerPoint presentations which were made available to students via the module Blackboard site.

Example SHU YouTube clip

Example SHU YouTube clip

Students were encouraged to view the material prior to lab sessions and lectures.  The tutor observed that students appeared more confident when working with the lab and asked fewer questions as a result of their preparation work.  This gave the tutor additional time to promote deeper learning.

The tutor felt that there was increased motivation in learning which was reflected in the improved exam marks being achieved for the module.  She continues to use YouTube videos and intends to incorporate her own videos and also uses QR codes to direct students to other available resources.

You can read more about this approach by reading the two-page case study entitled: Incorporating videos to support student learning

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