Case Study: Engaging students beyond the classroom through sharing projects online

In this case study a tutor within ACES used the Blackboard wiki tool to facilitate weekly challenges relating to the use of 3D modelling software. He also provided feedback through a transparent process online. The aim of the project was to promote a spirit of healthy competition by allowing students to benchmark themselves against others, and encouraging them to collaborate and learn from each other outside of the classroom.

The use of the Bb wiki tool for weekly challenges, to be undertaken out of the classroom, was supported by the tutor within lectures. The feedback process was undertaken online, with grades and comments being made visible to the full group of students on the module, in order for them to compare their own results with those of classmates.

Undergraduate graphic design students in the studio, Sheaf buildingThe result of the project was the development of a culture of collaboration and peer support through the use of the wiki and due to the transparency of the feedback process. The tutor intends to continue using this model with the wiki tool, as well as extending it to incorporate Google Sites (visible publicly) in order to promote the employability of students on the module.

You can read more about this approach by reading the two-page case study entitled:  Engaging students beyond the classroom through sharing projects online.

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