Case Study: Recording Individual Feedback for students

In this case study, the tutor of a languages module provided feedback to students through sound recordings rather than in written form alone. The project arose from the tutor’s observation that students undertaking the module were sometimes struggling with pronunciation, and that text-based feedback on formative assessments may not help them to overcome this.

A SHU student having a tutorial

Using a basic MP3 recorder, the tutor recorded feedback sessions with students after they carried out their formative assessments in class. Because the session focused on the tutor’s notes from the assessment it gave students the opportunity to develop a dialogue with the tutor and improve pronunciation. The audio feedback was then returned to students via Blackboard, so that they could use it to develop and refine their skills for future assessments.

The response from students was very positive and many felt that the process actively helped with improving diction. The tutor reported that she also observed improvements in students’ pronunciation and felt that they were becoming more engaged in the feedback process, as a result of this method being used.

You can read more about this approach by reading the two-page case study entitled:  Recording Individual Feedback for students.

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