Update on Blackboard Collaborate

This is just a short post to say that Blackboard Collaborate can now be accessed by participants via mobile devices using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. They need to download a free app from Blackboard Collaborate first, but can then follow a session link or access via SHUgo.  Note however that it may not work on all wi-fi networks depending on the configuration settings of them.  An Android version is being worked on as a next priority which should work with Android devices such as mobiles and tablets.  Note that the functionality in mobiles is more limited (e.g. no webcams) and moderator tools are not available yet.

Support resources:

We are in the process of developing a guide on how to set up Blackboard Collaborate sessions inside of a Blackboard site, which we will advertise here when it is complete.

There is a moderator guide available at: http://bbcrm.edusupportcenter.com/FileManagement/Download/91a102e8bc464ce7b9185cb92b5bc115

As well as a guide for participants: http://bbcrm.edusupportcenter.com/FileManagement/Download/f0585001d95c4e248c3e64db366d45e1

If you have any feedback on these guides we would welcome it as we want to improve them to best suit the needs of participants and moderators.

You can also view a recording of a Collaborate demo session.

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