New name for Rubrics

Site Tools list in Blackboard highlighting Feedback RubricsRubrics in Blackboard have been renamed ‘Feedback Rubrics’. This reflects their primary purpose and is intended to clarify the term for both students and staff.

If you have already begun to create and use Rubrics in your Blackboard sites, please note that the tool, now called ‘Feedback Rubrics’, is listed higher in the Site Tools list.

Feedback Rubrics can:

  • be used to display the assessment criteria for an assignment
  • help students understand what is expected to meet the requirements of an assignment
  • be used as a marking tool to demonstrate to students how they met each criterion
    ensure that marking is consistent and impartial
  • be associated with Assignments, Grade Columns, Blogs, Wikis, Discussion Board threads and forums, Essay and Short Answer Test questions
  • be copied, re-used and exported within and between Blackboard sites

Interested in finding out more about Feedback Rubrics? Then come along to, or join in, one of the Blackboard workshops for September.

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