Upcoming session: Value and use of reflective blogging

22 March, 12-1, presented by Anne Florence Dujardin

Reflective blogging is becoming established as a form of academic writing which combines:

  • reflective writing – a common feature of professionally oriented disciplines
  • blogging – a social media with a popular profile and affordances that can support on-going reflection.

The literature highlights tutors’ and students’ willingness to use blogs, but also issues in long-term engagement and quality of reflection. To address such issues, the workshop will look at the nature and value of reflective blogging as an educational and professional tool, using a case study of group reflective blogging in an online Master’s in Professional Communication.

The workshop is aimed at learning developers or lecturers who are considering the introduction of reflective blogging, or supporting students, such as placement students, who need to develop their digital literacies and employability portfolio.

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This workshop is part of the Realising our Potential staff development programme. There are sessions on many topics, so please have a look!

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