Assessment deadlines in Blackboard

This is a reminder that deadlines for assessments in Blackboard (such as Assignment and Turnitin submissions, Test attempts, and Self-and-Peer Assessments) should not be set after 4:00pm on Fridays, or at any time on Saturdays, Sundays, or when the University is closed for holidays. These times are considered ‘at-risk’ periods when essential systems maintenance on Blackboard may take place. This means students may not be able to login, successfully submit their work or complete their attempts.

Out of hours deadlines generally mean students cannot contact someone at the University about any last minute difficulties they might be have when completing or submitting their work during those time periods. Students have told us that this can lead to unnecessary stress and a negative perception of their student experience. Help your students out by setting a deadline that is during University opening hours, such as a noon deadline on Monday or on the first day following a University closure.

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