Changes to RSS Feed tool in Blackboard

As part of the Blackboard upgrade on 8 July, we will be moving to a new RSS feed tool in Blackboard. RSS feeds are ways of pulling information from regularly changing websites such as news sites, blogs or scholarly journals automatically into your Blackboard site. Read more about RSS feeds in an earlier blog article.

The BBC Education News rss feed, shown as an example.

Example new RSS feed

Our current tool is no longer supported in the next version of Blackboard, so this change is necessary to continue to provide the same functionality. The new RSS tool is easier to set up, displays the content better, and supports more feed standards than the old tool (RSS, RSS2 and Atom for anyone interested).

A blank item with only a title

Old RSS feed after the upgrade

The result of this switch will be that your old RSS feed will no longer work as a feed after 9 July and will just appear as a simple item without content (see image on the left). We recommend you delete this then set up the feed again with the new tool. Faculty e-learning contacts can help you to set your RSS feed(s) up again, or help you with setting up a new one if you would like. See below for information on your contact: 

ACES: Lee Coddington (x6307)
D&S: Sue Bamford, Juliun Ryan and Richard McCarter  (x6290; x6263; x6215)
HWB: Robin Gissing and Tom Jolley (x5481)
SBS: Joanna Stroud (x3293)

Your Learning and Information Services support team can also help with finding appropriate sources of relevant scholarly information to include in your Blackboard site.

We apologise for any inconvenience this tool changeover will cause for you, but hope to minimise its effect through the support being provided.

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