Reminder: Information on preparing your 2011/12 sites

From the 21st May onwards, we will be creating 2011/12 versions of 2010/11 Blackboard sites by copying the contents of them. You will then need to prepare your 2011/12 site to ensure it is ready for use with students.

There are three options to get your 2011/12 site set up:

a) Normal automatic site copy
The majority of 2010/11 sites will be copied automatically in May into a 2011/12 version. To ensure your site is automatically copied, check the Copy setting by the 20th May.

b) Early access for preparing a 2011/12 site
Request the 2011/12 site now and begin preparing it. It can be either a blank site that you copy selected areas and materials into or a complete copy of an existing site.

c) 2011/12 site not needed in May
Change your site copy setting by 20th May to ensure your site will not be copied if it is not needed or should not be copied now. Later in the year you can manually request a new site if needed (as in option b).

Read our previous blog post for full details on these options and changing Copy settings for your site.

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