Preparing sites for 2011/12: Annual site copy

Each separate cohort taking a module should have its own Blackboard module site. The majority of modules from the 2010/11 academic year will be taught again in 2011/12 with a new cohort, so we have an automatic copy process which copies the content of 2010/11 Blackboard sites into a 2011/12 version. This automatic copy process will happen in late May. After your site is copied you will need to ensure it is up to date for the new academic year. Please read the self-help articles about how to prepare a site for the new year.

Modules which are flagged in the student management system (SI) as not running next year will not be copied automatically. This is because a new site with a different code will be necessary.

You have control over whether your sites are copied or not during the automatic copy process. For instance, if you know a site will not be used next year or the site structure will be changing considerably, you might not want it to be copied. Follow these instructions to check if a particular site is being copied and change the settings if necessary. Note: Sites from earlier than 2010/11 will not be copied automatically.

You can also start preparing your 2011/12 sites as soon as possible rather than waiting until the automatic copy process happens in May. If you want to do that, please request a new 2011/12 Blackboard site manually. When requesting the site, you can choose whether it is a blank site or a copy of an existing site (only possible for sites from 2010/11 or later).  If you request a blank site, you can then copy in content from different Blackboard sites using the Copy Tool.

To review, here are your options for 2011/12 sites:

a) Normal automatic site copy. The majority of 2010/11 sites will be copied automatically in May into a 2011/12 version. Check to ensure your site will be copied and change the setting if necessary.

b) Early access for preparing a 2011/12 site. Request the 2011/12 site now and begin preparing it. It can be either a blank site that you copy selected areas and materials into or a complete copy of an existing site.

c) 2011/12 site not needed in May. Change your setting so your site will not be copied (if it is not needed or should not be copied now).  Later in the year you can manually request a new site if needed (as in option b).

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