Guidance for students about Blackboard 9 changes

The Blackboard 9 user interface is not as substantially different for students as it is for staff members, because students don’t have access to site editing features such as Edit Mode and the Control Panel.

However many of the changes that we have implemented this summer, such as the What’s New tool and increased access to past module sites, have been designed to improve the student experience. To help make students aware of the changes, a student employee has created a brief guide for students.

We’ve given students access to this information in both the student view of shuspace and in the Blackboard Help knowledge base link that we’ve added to 2010/11 Blackboard sites.  However, we also wanted to make staff aware of the guide so you can point it out to students or download and modify it based on the features in your specific module sites.

The URL for the student guide is:

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