Hiring new student assistants

Are you a current Sheffield Hallam student who would be interested in improving learning and teaching across the University? We are hiring two new learning enhancement student assistants to support our work. This includes running this blog! The advert is live at https://unihub.shu.ac.uk/students/jobs/detail/585954 and will close 31 January. If you are interested then please apply!

Looking for something to keep you busy over summer?

Stuck for a job over summer break? Find yourself needing more experience? Well we’re here to help… We’re looking for new guest posters to write articles and spread the word about the shuTech blog! Could I be eligible? To write for the blog all we ask is that you’re a current student of Sheffield Hallam…

Amazon Kindle on top of an Apple iPad

Tablets for Study?

by Guest Poster, Corey Stratford. We have all seen the guy walking around campus with the almighty glow from his hands: that being a tablet computer. Well, welcome to the club as you are about to get a brief 101 on tablets and their uses. Some of you may still be unaware, but the tablet…