App of the week – Forest

Forest app allows you to maintain focus in a pleasant way. When you open the app, a tree is planted and if you leave the app then tree dies, if you keep the app open and maintain focus than tree grows. It reduces procrastination, distractions and enhances productivity.

You can collect different species of trees and build your own forest. Forest app team has also partnered with real-tree planting organization, trees for the future, to plant real trees on earth. When the users spend virtual coins, they earn in Forest on planting real trees, Forest team donates to its partner and create orders of planting.

The app can be downloaded from IOS or android and it also has google chrome extension which can be used for measuring time while browsing on internet. The app costs £1.99 but it’s worth the investment if you get easily distracted and need help maintaining focus.

Hassan Iqbal

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