App of the week: Boosted – Productivity and Time Tracker

Ever wondered where time went?

Track the time spent on projects, tasks and start planning your day more efficiently. One of the most challenging aspects of university is figuring out how to achieve a balanced lifestyle. One of the great features of Boosted (besides the name) is the calendar view – which maps out your time spent doing certain tasks.

This app doesn’t collect any personal data, ad-free and runs in the background of your phone. Because of it’s basic design, it shouldn’t drain your battery life.

Screenshot ImageTry & improve your productivity with the Boosted – Time & Productivity Tracker app. Organise your activities, track the time you spend on them, and get insights about how you use your time by viewing intuitive statistics.

Boosted features:

  • Time tracking for your activities with a single click
  • Organise your projects into smaller tasks
  • View the daily and weekly amount of time you spend on a project
  • View your most productive days for a project
  • View a history of your activities in a chronological timeline
  • Quickly check your total daily time for a project from the notification
  • View all of your tracked activities in a calendar
  • View detailed reports of all your tracked time
  • Backup and restore your data to Google Drive

Boosted is available on Google app store only at present, sorry apple users 🙁

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