App of the week: goalmap

A goal properly set is halfway reached.

— Abraham Lincoln.

People who set clear goals in their lives (SMART goals) have twice more chance to reach them.

Goalmap is a versatile app that can be used to set goals – whether it’s academic or life goals, habits you want to integrate.

Goalmap can be used to help keep track of these intentions in a visually pleasing and meaningful way.

Features of goalmap:

1. Find the inspiration to start new challenges – Hundreds of life goals are waiting for you, in all areas of life: Sport, Well-Being, Productivity, Knowledge, Creativity, Personal Finance, etc.

2. Set clear goals for what you want to achieve – Define your personal aims: exercising 3 times per week, reading 1 hour a day, saving 300 dollars a month or lose 10 pounds within a year. GOALMAP relies on the SMART goal setting method, an effective tool for setting objectives.

3. Build positive habits – The immediate feedback you get as you make progress helps you stay motivated and create better habits. You want to wake up early, write in your diary every day, or eat healthier? GOALMAP will help you build good habits – and fight bad ones. Stop procrastinating and build a new work life balance!

4. Know where you stand at all times – Your personal dashboard show your progress and what remains to be done. You know whether you are on track to reach your goals or not. Focus on what matters.

5. Stay motivated – All along your self help journey towards a better life balance, GOALMAP supports you with expert tips, cheerful messages, an inspiring forum where users encourage each other and reminders which help you stay motivated for the long run.

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